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Home Based Learning for Circuit Breaker Season

Running out of ideas to engage the kids at home?

Do not fret! We have curated and developed a set of (both free and paid) activities for effective home-based learning. From virtual LEGO building to robot programming, there is bound to be something interesting for everyone!

Want to find out more about a particular activity? Join us in our Facebook Live webinar information session!

Build Virtual LEGO Models using Studio 2.0

  • Cost: Free
  • Difficulty: Proficiency with computer mouse
  • Requirements: Studio 2.0 Software (Link)

As parents would know, LEGO sets are probably one of the most expensive toys around.

With the free Studio 2.0 software, you can virtually have all the LEGO bricks you want in the world. Build any LEGO creations that you can dream of, including LEGO Technic models and even LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots!

Want to learn how to navigate and create your own LEGO projects using Studio 2.0? Check out our Facebook Live webinar information session!

It’s-a me, virtual LEGO Mario!

Just like the real thing

Create Games using Scratch 3.0

Scratch is one of the most commonly used tool to teach coding and creativity, for several good reasons! The intuitive and colourful interface is a draw for kids, block based coding allows them to quickly set up the program without memorising syntax, and the sprite window allows for  simple game to be quickly set up with just a few blocks.

Want to learn how to set up and use Scratch 3.0 with your kids? Check out our Facebook Live webinar information session! We have upcoming HBL online video conferencing classes to coach your kids as well.

You can’t play basketball outside, so this is the next best alternative.

Program LEGO Robots with Virtual Robotics Toolkit

  • Cost: $350
  • Difficulty: Basic Proficiency in LEGO Mindstorms EV3 recommended
  • Requirements: Virtual Robotics Toolkit Licence (Link)

Retailing at $800 in Singapore, the LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 core set is a hefty purchase. The Virtual Robotics Toolkit is a great way to learn EV3 programming skills without the buying a physical EV3 set! The default VRT licence will enable the user to access the default robot and import past year FIRST LEGO League and World Robot Olympiad competition missions.

Nullspace has put together a Virtual Mission Pack at $350 for students with basic knowledge in LEGO Mindstorms EV3. This is a great tool for kids to practice robot missions in a guided and progressive manner at home!

  • 1x Virtual Robotics Toolkit Annual License
  • 9 robotics missions + virtual playfields
  • 2 sessions of 30 minute 1-to-1 online training
  • Setup guides and support
  • Custom designed robots for each mission
  • More than 10 hours of robotics programming and learning

Learn Data Analytics Skills with Python

  • Cost: Approximately $300 per level (2.5 hours x 4 sessions)
  • Difficulty: Recommended for age 11 and up
  • Requirements: NA

As part of our Junior Data Analyst programme, this online home-based learning course serves as foundation to use Python (a commonly used programming lanugage) to introduce topics such as data analytics, machine learning, and computer vision.

We are offering the first 2 levels as part of our HBL programme before our full roll out of the programme during the June holidays!

  1. Python Beginner 1 (Introduction to Python) – Offered as HBL
  2. Python Beginner 2 (Data & File Processing) – Offered as HBL
  3. Python Intermediate 1 (Introduction to Machine Learning)
  4. Python Intermediate 1 (Deep Learning & Neural Networks)
  5. Python Advanced 1 (Raspberry Pi & Input/Output Devices)
  6. Python Advanced 2 (Computer Vision & Self Driving Robot Cars)