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10 Hours

$ 450

$45 per hour
  • ✔  4 sessions x 2.5 hours
    or 5 sessions x 2 hours
  • ✔  1 Course Level
  • ✔  Recommended for trying out

20 HoursMost Popular

$ 860

$43 per hour
  • ✔  8 sessions x 2.5 hours
    or 10 sessions x 2 hours
  • ✔  2 Course Levels
  • ✔  Recommended for school holidays!

60 Hours

$ 2400

$40 per hour
  • ✔  24 sessions x 2.5 hours
    or 30 sessions x 2 hours
  • ✔  6 Course Levels
  • ✔  Recommended for serious training 

* All prices are inclusive of 8% GST

Terms and Conditions:

  1.  Course packages are transferable but not refundable. E.g. Student A has bought the 24 sessions course package but only used 20 sessions. The unused 4 sessions can be transferred to Student B.
  2.  Course packages are shareable and can be used between 2 or more students concurrently. To use the same course package, simply quote the course package code during the online registration.
  3.  Course packages have a validity period of 2 years from the date of purchase. Any unused sessions after 2 years will lapse.
  4.  Any cancellation of class sessions must be made at least 72 hours in advance otherwise session credit will be deducted for no show.

Robotics & Coding Classes

(2 Hour Sessions)

STEM Explorer Programme

LEGO® WeDo, Scratch Coding & more!

Ages 7-8

STEM Little Explorer Robotics and Coding Class
More than a Scratch coding class, the STEM Explorer Programme is a weekly programme designed to encourage creativity and hands-on learning. Expose your kids to a variety of STEM topics through various Robotics & Coding platforms such as LEGO WeDo 2.0, Scratch Coding, 3D Pen, and more!

Course Information

Robotics & Coding Classes

(2.5 Hour Sessions)

Inventor Certificate Programme

Arduino Microcontroller & Electronics

Ages 10-16

Arduino Inventor Electronics and Robotics Class and Coding Class
Keen to explore electronics and Arduino boards to build your own ideas and projects? Be introduced to the world of electronics using the Arduino Microcontroller in this robotics class. Learn to create your own projects with simple components like LEDs, buzzers, and potentiometers!

Course Information

Robotics Certificate Programme

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime

Ages 9-16

LEGO Robotics SPIKE Prime Robotics Class
Learn to build and program the brand-new LEGO Education SPIKE™ Prime robots through 6 structured levels. Each level consists of 10 hours of hands-on coursework. Lessons are conducted using the brand new LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime system.

Course Information

Minecraft Series: Coding Workshops

Minecraft Education

Ages 9-11

Minecraft Coding Class
Be introduced to the world of coding through Minecraft Education. Learn block-based coding to control your character and interact with the surroundings.

You don’t want to miss out – this special programme is only offered during the school holidays!

Course Information

Game Developer Certificate Programme

Scratch by MIT

Ages 9-11

Scratch Coding Class - Nullspace Robotics
Instead of playing games made by others, why not code up your own game! Our Game Developer Certificate Programme using Scratch course promises a fun entryway into the world of programming and game design.

Through the programme, students will master the basics of Scratch and explore various game logic behind popular arcade games through 4 progressive levels.

Course Information

Data Analyst Certificate Programme

Python Coding Class for Kids

Ages 11-16

Python Coding Class - Nullspace Robotics

Interested in exploring a future in Data Analytics? Our weekly Data Analyst Certificate Programme introduces students to the #1 most popular programming language in 2022 – Python!

Through a 60-hour structured programme, students will learn the fundamentals of python programming and be exposed to higher-order skillsets such as object-oriented programming and designing graphical user interfaces!

Course Information

Robotics Competition

Training Programme


Robotics Competition Training Programme
It’s time to take your robotics training to the next level. Our Robotics Competition Training programme is a rigorous training that prepares students for robotics competition at the national and international level. Students who are enrolled in this training will work in teams of 3-4 members. They will represent Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning and be officially registered in the competitions.

Prerequisite: Completion of Robotics Certificate Programme

Course Information


Innovation Project Mentoring Class


CATALYST Robotics DSA Preparatory Class
CATALYST is a small project mentoring class where students will conceptualise and develop their own creations and prototype. The programe is developed by Nullspace to develop the next generation of young innovators and change-makers. Students will be personally mentored by our senior instructors to develop science and electronics projects of their choice, and will learn skills such as programming, 3D printing, and mechanical design.

Prerequisite: Completion of Inventor Certificate Programme

Course Information

Alternative Payment Methods

By default, payment is done on our online registration system via Stripe Payment.

Should you prefer an alternative payment mode, we also accept the following payment methods:

  • Cheque: Crossed and payable to Nullspace Robotics Pte Ltd
  • Fund Transfer: DBS Current 0669023901 – Key in child’s name under payment comment
  • PayNow or PayLah! mobile app by scanning the following QR code, or input our Company UEN (201309811C) – Key in child’s name under payment comment