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Robotics Certificate Programme

Using LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime

Suitable for Ages 9 years old and up
LocationRochester Mall, Kallang Wave Mall, SAFRA Tampines
Max Class Size4 students / instructor
Lesson Duration2.5 hours per session
Full Programme Length60 hours (3 levels x 8 sessions x 2.5 hours)
CSARC Test Fee$125 per session (can be paid using course package)
Course FeesLessons are charged according to our course package prices.

10 hours – $460 ($46 per hour)
30 hours – $1320 ($44 per hour)
70 hours – $2870 ($41 per hour)

Trial class is available at $125 for a 2.5 hour session

Our LEGO Robotics class aims to develop LEGO Robotics proficiency in children. Using the brand-new LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime robotics kit, students will learn to build and programme robots using various sensors and programming automation.

In each lesson, students will work independently to complete robot missions and learning objectives that will prepare them for the rigours of LEGO® robotics competitions. On completion of this programme, students will be invited to join our Competition Training Programme to represent Nullspace in national level robotics competitions events.

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Robotics Enrichment Class Spike Prime

LEGO Robotics Class Structure

Course Progression and Format

There are a total of 3 progressive levels to complete the LEGO Robotics Certificate Programme. Each level consists of approximately 8 class sessions

The course progression is in the following format:

  • SPIKE Prime Foundation Class
  • SPIKE Prime Beginner Class x 7 sessions
  • CSARC: Certification in LEGO® Robotics for Learners (Grade 1 / Beginner)
  • SPIKE Prime Intermediate Class x 8 sessions
  • CSARC: Certification in LEGO® Robotics for Learners (Grade 2 / Intermediate)
  • SPIKE Prime Advanced Class x 8 sessions
  • CSARC: Certification in LEGO® Robotics for Learners (Grade 3 / Advanced)

Example 1: New Student (No Prior Experience)

Jessica has just recently enrolled with Nullspace’s LEGO Robotics class to learn more about coding and robotics. Jessica is 9 years old and has no prior experience in this area.

Jessica registers for SPIKE Prime Foundation Session to see if she likes the class and can follow the class curriculum.

After that Jessica signs up for 7 Beginner Classes to complete the Beginner syllabus. This ensures that she has covered all topics tested in the Beginner levels. In total she needs to complete 8 Beginner lesson checklist activities (inclusive of Foundation).

Jessica then registers for the CSARC Beginner Proficiency Test and managed to pass the assessment. She can then proceeds to register for the Intermediate level.

Example 2: Student with Prior Robotics Experience

Matthew is 11 years old and he has been part of his school’s robotics club for 1 year. He will like to attend more LEGO Robotics class with Nullspace. Matthew sat for the Generic Proficiency Test ($50) to ascertain his current skill level. Based on the test it was determined that Matthew has the proficiency to miss the first few lessons, and will only require 3 more Beginner Classes to bridge any misconceptions or lack of knowledge he has.

After Matthew passes the CSARC Beginner Proficiency test he then proceeds to the Intermediate course level.

Example 3: Student did not clear Proficiency Test

Jayden completed his required activities for Intermediate level and registers for the CSARC Intermediate Proficiency Test. He did not manage to pass the test on his first attempt. Based on his test performance, it is recommended that he go through 2 additional Intermediate Class activities to reinforce certain skills before attempting the test again.

Jayden manages to pass the test on his second attempt and proceeds to register for the Advanced level.

Coming with Robotics Background?

Students with experience in using LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime can sit for our Placement Test to gauge their current skill level. This enables us to better slot them in at a suitable level, so that they will not miss crucial robotic skills.

The Placement Test costs $50 to administer, which can later be used to offset course registration fees. The Placement Test covers theory, programming, and hands-on robot construction. Test is carried out in an open book format, and students may bring along any notes or materials that they might have.

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CSARC Proficiency Test & Certification

Computer Science and Robotics Certification

A Course Proficiency Test is administered after the completion of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced course levels to ascertain suitability for progression. Certificates will be awarded upon successful passing of the proficiency tests.

Students who have passed our proficiency tests will also receive a digital certificate issued by the Computer Science & Robotics Certification (CSARC™). These digital certificates will be issued via email at the end of each school term.

Computer Science and Robotics Certification (CSARC)

Robotics Competition Training Programme

Nullspace Robotics takes part in approximately 3 robotics competitions in a year.

Students who have completed the Robotics Certificate Programme and have successfully passed the Advanced Proficiency Test will be invited to take part in our competition training programme.

Our competition training programmes are typically held on Saturday / Sunday mornings across our training centre locations.

FIRST LEGO League Competition 2021/2022 – Best Robot Performance (Primary) – 1st Place

LEGO Robotics Competition Training Programme

Course Overview

Robotics Certificate Programme: Beginner

Recommended Age: 9+

This is an introductory level course for the LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime system. This is the foundational LEGO Robotics class for the LEGO® Robotics Certificate Program. Topics covered include graphical based programming and basic motor movement control. Students will explore building autonomous robots with the sensors. Various mini challenges will be tackled at the end of every session.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to LEGO® Robotics using SPIKE™ Prime
  • Basic Robot Design Principles
  • Guided Building of a Simple Robot
  • Introduction to Block-Based Programming (Similar to Scratch)
  • Basic Robot Movement (Speed & Duration)
  • 3 Types of Turning Movement
  • Introduction to Flowcharting
  • If/Else Conditionals and Loops
  • Overview of Sensors and it’s usages
  • Mounting of Various Sensors on Basic Robot
  • Line Tracing using Single Light Sensor
  • Obstacle Detection using Ultrasonic (or Distance) Sensor
  • Robot Control using Pressure (or Touch) Sensor
  • Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Robotics Certificate Programme: Intermediate

Recommended Age: 9+
Prerequisite: Pass CSARC Certification Test (Grade 1 / Beginner)

In this course, students will learn about various line tracing algorithms which are commonly utilised in Robotics Competitions and real world applications. Students will also learn how to control line tracing to suit mission objectives. Students will also learn how to build SPIKE Prime mechanical contraptions to accomplish missions on the playfield.

Learning Objectives:

  • Guided Building of a Castor Robot
  • Line Tracing using Double Light Sensors
  • Nested If/Else Conditionals
  • Usage of Conditional Loops
  • Line Catching Techniques
  • Medium Motor Controls
  • Building of a Motorised Claw using Gears
  • Repetitive Programming Techniques – My Blocks
  • Navigating Different Junction Types
  • Developing Computational Thinking Skills with Higher-Level Missions

Robotics Certificate Programme: Advanced

Recommended Age: 10+
Prerequisite: Pass CSARC Certification Test (Grade 2 / Intermediate)

In this course, students will explore Advanced Programming Blocks in the LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Software. A specially crafted in-house mission will be used to create depth of learning through practice. Students will have to work towards a programmatic and mechanical solution to accomplish multiple objectives under constraints. Students will focus on competition mission practice with Gyro Sensors to allow the robot to navigate the playfield accurately and reliably. Students will have to complete challenges through programming and mechanical solutions.

Learning Objectives

  • Usage of Variables to store & retrieve values
  • Automatic Threshold Calculation Technique
  • Advanced Line Tracing Algorithms – Proportional Line Tracing
  • Colour Scanning & Sorting Skills
  • Display of Data from Variables
  • Wall Alignment Mechanism
  • Bearing-Based Programming using Gyro Sensor
  • Automatic Error Corrections for Robot Movement
  • Improved My Blocks with multiple input parameters
  • Building of a Rack and Pinion attachment for Linear Movements
  • Building of a Forklift Attachment with Pivoting Beams

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Additional Course Information / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Regular Weekly Robotics Class Schedule (2024)

This is our weekly class schedule during MOE school dates (excluding Mar, June, Sep, Year-End school holidays). There may be variations in the schedule depending on public holidays and school holidays. Please refer to the booking widget below for the most up to date class dates and availability.

Robotics Class Registration

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CSARC Certification Test

Certification test provided by Computer Science and Robotics Certification (CSARC).