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Discover your child’s interest in Robotics & Coding this September School Holiday. We offer a variety of age-differentiated classes for kids between ages 6 to 16.

Not sure which programme to choose? Get in touch with us through whatsapp +65 9855 4017 or email us at Alternatively you can make an appointment here to arrange for a free online consultation with one of our experienced instructors!

Do take note that registration closes 72 hours before the start of the class.

If you’re planning for a holiday, our flexible scheduling policy allows you to book the class of your choice and reschedule with no penalties as long as notice is given at least 72 hours before the start of the class. If you’re already considering our classes, we strongly encourage you to register early as limited slots are available due to our small class sizes!

Ages 6 to 8

Have a taste of what the weekly STEM Little Explorer Programme is like! In this 4 day programme, explore a variety of Robotics & Coding platforms from LEGO robotics to Scratch Game Creation, 3D Pen Printing & more!

Location: Rochester / Siglap
Duration: 2 hours x 4 session

September Holiday Workshop (Camp Adventure)

Here’s an overview of what to expect in this 4 day workshop:

1. Dinosaur Dimetrodon Project (LEGO WeDo 2.0)
2. Jellyfish Diver Project (Scratch Coding)
3. Floating Ball Project (Wooden Toy)
4. Moon Rover Project (LEGO WeDo + 3D Pen)

C4RL-EAST (Siglap)
5 Sept to 8 Sept, 4pm to 6pm

C4RL-WEST (Rochester)
Run 1: 5 Sept to 8 Sept, 1pm to 3pm
Run 2: 5 Sept to 8 Sept, 4pm to 6pm

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Ages 9 to 11

If your child loves Minecraft, this course is perfect for them! Be introduced to the world of coding through Minecraft Education. Learn block-based coding to control your character and interact with the surroundings. You don’t want to miss out – this programme is only offered during the school holidays.

Location: Only available at Rochester
Duration: 2.5 hours x 4 session

Minecraft Block-Based Coding Workshop

C4RL-WEST (Rochester)
5 Sept to 8 Sept, 9.30am to 12pm

Note: This is a holiday exclusive programme!

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Ages 9 to 16

Build and program LEGO robots with the latest LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime set. Learn about the foundations of basic motor movement control and explore building autonomous robots with the use of various sensors through fun missions.

Each level consists of approximately 4 sessions – 1x Foundation Session + 3x Practice Sessions.

Location: Rochester / Siglap
Dates: 5 Sept to 8 Sept (Monday to Thursday)

Beginner Classes: 9.30am to 12pm
Intermediate Classes: 1pm to 3.30pm
Advanced Classes: 3.30pm to 6pm

Note: Foundation Sessions will be held on Monday, with Practice Sessions from Tuesday to Thursday.

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Ages 10 to 16

Ever wonder how remote controls, traffic lights, and smart homes work? This course will introduce you to the world of electronics through the use of the Arduino Microcontroller with Scratch-based programming. Learn to create your own electronic projects, with simple components like LEDS, buzzers and potentiometers.

Location: Rochester / Siglap
Duration: 2.5 hours x 4 sessions per Course Level

Intro to Arduino using S4A
5 Sept to 8 Sept, 9.30am to 12pm

Beginner 2
5 Sept to 8 Sept, 1pm to 3.30pm

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Ages 11 to 16

Learn the fundamentals of python programming – the #1 most popular programming language in 2022. Interested in taking Computing as an O-Level Subject? Get a headstart in mastering the Python language and decide if it’s the right choice for you!

Location: Online Home-Based Learning (Zoom)
Duration: 2.5 hours x 4 sessions per Course Level

Python 101 – Introduction to Python
5 Sept to 8 Sept, 9.30am to 12pm

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The Nullspace Distinction

  • Small Class Sizes – Max 3-5 Students to 1 Instructor
  • Experienced Instructors – 14 years of Competition Winning Track Record
  • Trusted & Recognised – MOE Appointed Vendor for the GEP Computer Enrichment Programme (CEP)
  • Recipient of the SME500 Award & Accredited Educational Experience Trustmark in 2021

Course Fees

$336 for 8 hour programme, $420 for 10 hour programmes.

Tip: You should consider buying a course package for even greater savings – they are shareable between friends & family members, and have a validity period of 2 years.

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Centre for Robotics Learning Locations

Established in 2008, Nullspace is the leading pioneer of tech education in Singapore. Over the years, the Centre for Robotics Learning (C4RL) has grown to be one of Singapore’s leading Robotics & Coding School with over 2,000 students enrolled between our locations. We offer a variety of Robotics, Coding & STEM programmes, intentionally designed to suit the interests and learning abilities of different age groups from 6 to 16.

C4RL-WEST (Rochester Branch)

35 Rochester Drive, #03-07
Singapore 138639 (Rochester Mall)

C4RL-EAST (Siglap Branch)

5B Figaro Street
Singapore 458329

Quality Education Your Child Deserves

Nullspace is awarded with the Accredited Educational Experience Trustmark - a recognition of the quality and efficacy of our Robotics enrichment and Coding enrichment programmes.

Established in 2008, Nullspace is the leading pioneer of Robotics & Coding Education in Singapore. Accredited Educational Experience