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Building LEGO Models using Studio 2.0

By December 12th, 2023Education
Nullspace Studio 2.0 LEGO R2D2

Brick by Brick

If you grew up playing with LEGO, you would know the fun part about building LEGO models is the almost unlimited ways you can assemble it. In this time of quarantine you and your kids can spend some time creating virtual LEGO models using Studio 2.0, a free software which contains all LEGO bricks in existence. Have a theme for each day! Sea creatures, vehicles, 7 Wonders.. the possibilities are endless. Check out the Studio Gallery to see what other users have created!

A Quick Look

It’s-a me, virtual LEGO Mario!

Building a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robot on Studio 2.0

Studio 2.0 contains parts from all the LEGO product lines, including the traditional LEGO bricks, to LEGO Technic, LEGO Mindstorms, and LEGO WeDo. Even for veteran LEGO hobbyists, browsing through the parts menu for the first time can be very intimidating. If you like to get some quick overview on how to set up and use the software, why not check out our Facebook videos? We sometimes schedule upcoming livestreams on Studio 2.0 so be sure not to miss it!

LEGO Models Building Guide

If you are just starting out, you may download these sample project files, both Studio .io files and PDF building guides. After making your LEGO creations you may also render photorealistic images of your models to share with the world.

Have fun and do share your own LEGO creations on instagram and tag us at @nullspacerobo!

Star Wars

Star Wars: R2-D2 (Studio File / PDF Guide)

Star Wars: BB-8 (Studio File / PDF Guide)


Merlion (Studio File / PDF Guide)

Marina Bay Sands (Studio File / PDF Guide)

LEGO Pixel Mosaic

Pikachu (Studio File)

Toad (Studio File)
Super Mario (Studio File)