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On 27 July 2017, Nullspace and OneMaker Group supported the inaugural DBS Makers’ Night event put together by DBS Innovation Group. Hosted in their head office in The Sandcrawler building along Fusionopolis View, the event was a success with members of the public from all walks of life learning more about the maker spirit and tinkering. We had fun guiding them and sharing with them more on the possibilities of tinkering!

Here are some highlights of the night:

Mr Bidyut Dumra, Head of Ecosystems, DBS Innovations, delivering the Opening Remark to launch DBS Makers’ Night


Bots: The Origin Story – getting creative with their robots for storytelling!


Be creative – “How will your robot look like?”


Participants building their Hebocon robots, to build the best worst robot!


“Ready, Set, GO!”


Inspiring to see young makers! As long as you’re game to learn and try new stuff, you can be a maker too!


Participants trying their hands at ThinkCrate showcase – a reaction game!


Nullspace team with our showcase at DBS Makers’ Night