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Nullspace’s 13th Anniversary Trivia Quiz

By September 13th, 2022Founder's Blog

Thanks for journeying with us over the past 13 years. There were many ups and downs on this journey and we are immensely grateful for the support from our students, parents, and teachers, especially over the past year through the COVID season.

We hope you had fun with our trivia quiz. With that let’s reveal the answers!

Q1. Nullspace was founded in year ________


This is a giveaway! We are celebrating our 13th anniversary in 2021 hence we are founded in year 2008!

Jasper Loong, Founder of Nullspace, was in year 2 of Junior College. Nullspace was registered on his 18th birthday as his birthday present to himself. Talk about starting young!

Nullspace Team (2009)

Q2. The name “Nullspace” originated from ____________________.

a video game
a mathematical term
when we ran out of space when we first started

The name “Nullspace” was inspired from a video game that Jasper was working on with his friend back in Junior College. While the Nullspace game didn’t take off, Jasper used the name for this new company that we know today.

In the early years we stored all our logistics and equipment in our bedrooms, and had our company meetings at Starbucks across the island. For a few of us who went through that period, we quite literally had no space in our own rooms, hence the tongue in cheek answer to people who ask us about our name origin.

Q3. Our logo is made up of two square brackets, signifying _____________________.

the symbol commonly used to represent matrices in mathematics
thinking out of a broken box
empty space – null space

Our logo is meant to be a literal translation of our name, with the 2 square brackets enclosing around an empty space. We went through a number of logo changes over the years and we decided to stick with something simple and modern.

Nullspace Logo (Pre 2016)

Nullspace Logo (Post 2016)

Q4. Our first enrichment centre was established in the year ________.


From 2008 to 2013 our main business operations was to conduct robotics CCA and enrichment trainings in schools. During that period of time, STEM and robotics as enrichment was still unheard of, and not that many schools offer it as a CCA. Around 2012-2013 period we started to get more requests to provide robotics classes to enrichment centres and private home based groups. That’s when we started to discuss plans to set up an enrichment centre.

Q5. Our first enrichment centre is/was at _____________.

Upper Bukit Timah
Parkway Parade

Our first enrichment centre was located at the old Bukit Timah Fire Station, which used to be a hub for enrichment and day care centres until 2020 when SLA took back the estate for redevelopment.

The reason we set up our first centre at this location was completely by chance. Alan happened to jog by the Fire Station estate when he saw a For-Rent sign. After some enquiries and discussion we decided to sign the papers and move in. But things weren’t smooth the first few years with our inexperience.

Q6. Our second enrichment centre is/was at _____________.

Upper Bukit Timah
Parkway Parade

Located on Figaro Street, our C4RL-EAST was chosen to serve the families on the eastern end of Singapore. Situated between an old school convenience store and Springleaf Prata, our staff who works there always have plenty to snack on.

Q7. Our full time staff team consists of graduates from all 6 autonomous universities in Singapore, except _______________________.

Singapore Management University (SMU)
Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

We have a team from a diversity of schools and degrees, but we haven’t had any from SIT. If that’s you, would you consider joining our team?

Q8. Our full time staff team’s favourite fast food chain is _____________.

Arnold’s Fried Chicken ?
Shake Shack ?
Mcdonald’s ?

We eat it when we are happy
We eat it when we are sad
We eat it at least once a week
Until we are fat

Q9. Our full time staff team uses the following laptop brands except _____________.

Microsoft Surface

We are either Team Surface or Team Asus, right now we are an even split between the two teams with one lonely Mac user.

Q10. We provided team building / corporate training services to these organisations, except _______________________.

Ministry of Social and Family Development
Monetary Authority of Singapore
Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore

Across the years we ran a number of team building and corporate training programmes for organisations spanning from government ministries to MNCs such as Google, SAP, DBS. With COVID we have also introduced some virtual team building programmes for hybrid workplaces!

Robot Racing Team Building Activity (Singtel)

Q11. Students from Centre for Robotics Learning represented Singapore to take part in World Robot Olympiad in these countries, except ________________.

Thailand – 2018 ??
Costa Rica – 2017 ??
India – 2016 ??

Our teams represented Singapore in WRO 2016 (India) and WRO 2018 (Thailand) when they won the Championship Award for NJRC 2016 and Championship Award (1st Runner Up) for NRC 2018 respectively.

Team C4RL-5IVE at WRO Thailand (2018)

Q12. We launched our ThinkCrate electronics home learning kit on which platform?


ThinkCrate was our product line based on the popular open-sourced Arduino platform that aims to impart coding and electronics skills through interactive and interesting project kits. We did a launch on Kickstarter in October 2019 which was a very challenging and fruitful experience.

Q13. Our annual national competition event is IDE Series. IDE is abbreviation for ________________________.

Innovation, Design, and Engineering
Innovation, Design Thinking, and Experiential Learning
Integrated Development Environment

IDE (Innovation, Design and Engineeering) Series started in 2011 with IDE Challenge with a total of 11 secondary school teams. Since then, it has grown  into a national technology and engineering competition event. The aim of the competition is to challenge students on problem solving across domains such as electronics, programming, and mechanical design. Our next IDE Series event is happening in May – July, check it out here!

IDE2019 at F1 Pit Building with over 500 participants