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We Nurture Brilliance – Mission & Vision

By September 13th, 2022Founder's Blog
Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning

Dear Friends of Nullspace,

In the blink of an eye, we have reached the halfway mark of 2021. It’s a timely opportunity for us to take a moment to reflect upon the months that have passed, and plan ahead for the future to come. Being educators at heart, we always encourage our students to reflect – upon their mistakes and/or the challenges they face when confronted with a difficult task. Today, we practice what we preach.

We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.

John Dewey, American Philosopher

More than a year on, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a big disruptor in our daily lives – it’s difficult to leave home without having to fear contracting the virus. Normal days are something that many of us took for granted before all of this.

With the announcement of the Phase 2 Heightened Alert in mid-May 2021, we had to suspend all physical classes at our C4RL Centres once again. Needless to say, our business was greatly affected. We are grateful for all of our parents / students who stayed by our side during this challenging period and supported us as we shifted our classrooms online. Thank you so much!

Screenshot of our Nullspace Zoom Classroom when physical classes were suspended.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank our staff who worked extra hard over this period to reply to enquiries, to reschedule and plan for online classes, to process refunds for lesson cancellations, and to adapt our lesson materials to fit the online learning environment. It wasn’t easy but we pulled through!

This year marks the 13th year since the founding of Nullspace Robotics. If you recall earlier in April, we organised a giveaway where the top scorers of our 13th Anniversary Trivia Quiz walked away with a ThinkCrate Word Clock and some Nullspace Vouchers. Did you know that the name “Nullspace” originated from a video game? You may read more about this and some other interesting fun facts about us on the blogpost that we did up here!

Nullspace Team (2009)

With “work-from-home” remaining as the default mode of work in Singapore, many of us are physically stuck at home and mentally stuck in boredom. Early last year before COVID-19 sneaked up on all of us, our team was grappling with a different sense of “stuckness”. Our company was approaching 12 years old then, old enough to be doing PSLE in Singaporean human terms. We were stuck with a sense of being unsure of what we wanted to be when we “grew up”. Should we open up new enrichment centres? Should we publish new books / textbooks on robotics and coding? Should we launch another crowdfunding campaign for new products?

At the root of it all, we were stuck with a sense of being unsure of our identity and purpose. Who we should be and why we do the things we do. What defines us?

We embarked on an intense soul searching journey that lasted for more than a year. We interviewed our students, their parents, and even the teachers that we work with to understand how our stakeholders see us and how we can bring value to these relationships.

Today, I would like to introduce you to our new mission and vision that will guide us moving forward.

We Nurture Brilliance.

As an education company, our primary calling is to develop human talent, to prepare our students for the future, their future. It goes without saying that humans are not computers to be programmed but lives to be nurtured. We cannot simply apply the same inputs and processes to every learner and expect the same outcome.

What we can do is to manufacture moments of brilliance through hands-on learning using an intentionally crafted curriculum. We can inspire brilliant minds through building up learning habits with an emphasis on a growth mindset.

Instructor Javier showing a student how to perform a function on the robot brain for the first time.

Our Mission: To Bring Out the Best in Every Learner

All of us learn differently and our learners come to us for different reasons. Despite that, we believe we can bring out the best in every learner who attends our classes.

For learners who want to achieve a certain skill set, our range of certificate programmes for kids and young-adult learners will empower them to do so. Our structured curriculum will guide them towards attaining the necessary knowledge and provide them with the practice they need to excel with it.

For learners who want to experience the joy of learning something new, we have pathways built in to provide them with options to explore different learning tracks. With an array of courses, there is something for every learner across different age groups. Can’t decide if Robotics / Coding is more suitable for your kid? Read this article.

For learners who need more time to reinforce a particular learning concept, we encourage them to do so with a flexible course arrangement. For instance, our Robotics Certificate Programme is designed to be modular in nature so that students can learn at their own pace, and take the time they need to master the concepts being taught.

Instructor Clement suggesting improvements to a student’s robot program.

Our Vision: To be at the Forefront of Tech Education

Our curriculum is forward looking and responsive to the latest development in technology education, yet at the same time, steeped in the foundational skill sets of computational thinking, problem solving, and lateral thinking.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing more on our beliefs and our promises to you on our social media pages. Be sure to like and follow our pages to receive the latest updates and promotions for our C4RL classes.

Here at Nullspace, we are committed to providing the best quality education that your child deserves. We will work together with you, to bring out the best in your children, because We Nurture Brilliance.

Team photo taken during the opening of our Rochester Mall outlet in 2019.

With Love,
From Team Nullspace