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[IMDA] With Nullspace anyone can be a robot maker

A local startup is honing both children’s and adults’ problem-solving skills with its programme on robotics.

By Jo-Ann Huang
Published: 09 June 2017

Robots have long captured the human imagination. The idea that a machine can behave autonomously – think Star Wars’  C-3PO or the auto-bots in Transformers – is fascinating to the human mind.

Bringing out this fascination in kids is Singapore robotics school Nullspace Group. It puts together a range of robotics programmes for primary school to junior college students via its Centre for Robotics Learning. With the coming together of robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT), Alan Yong, technical director of Nullspace, believes there is no better time to introduce the world of robotics to children.

Nullspace also launched ThinkCrate, an educational electronic kit for kids and adults to have fun with mini-electronic projects at home. ThinkCrate’s projects, which range from building a small mood lamp to an electronic piano, are based on the Arduino open-source electronic platform. Each ThinkCrate bundle has an instruction manual, which guides users in setting up and programming the hardware according to the project’s requirements.

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Our Tech Director meticulously filming the video instructions for ThinkCrate projects


ThinkCrate Team