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[TODAY] Laying the bricks for a digital foundation

By February 9th, 2019News Feature

See how small steps are adding up to a giant infocomm leap at Tech Saturday (Upsized!) 2017

By Scott Marsh
Published: 26 Apr 2017


In the case of Mr Alan Yong Yi Wee and Mr Wee Soon Keong, the founders of local tech company Nullspace, that possible future is already a reality.

Nullspace was established in 2008 and it focuses on delivering technology education in the fields of robotics and programming. Last year, the founders set up ThinkCrate, which  bundles Arduino (an open-source electronics platform) components so users can build, program and play with their own creations.

The Nullspace project is one example of what can be achieved in an environment that encourages a culture of creation and innovative thinking.

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During Tech Saturday 2017, workshop participants learn more about building and programming their electronics project using ThinkCrate